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Do you need to know what's going on with our team? Then wonder no more, for our Latest News pages will keep you up to date on all of our major team events, competitions, fundraisers, and more! In addition, we'll often announce new updates to our website, as well as interesting new content here was well.

And keeping up with our Latest News has never been easier; now with RSS feeds available for our Latest News you can be sure you'll be the first to know!

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FRC Game Hint #1!

December 2, 2011

Bill has posted the first game hint of the season! Check it out in the related links!

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GUS' Trip to the UConn Medical Center

November 20, 2011

Gus Robotics was featured in The Record Journal today! The article talked about our recent trip to the UConn Medical Center tour, where we were able to experience working with multi-million dollar robots that are used in surgeries.

Special thanks to Dan at The Record Journal for doing an awesome job on the article!

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Bash at the Beach

October 1, 2011

On October 1st, Gus Robotics attended Bash at the Beach in Lyme/Old Lyme, CT, hosted by the Techno Ticks (team 236). Gus had an awesome time at the competition and finally figured out what was causing our robot to constantly lose communications this past season. Team 228 decided that we were going to go into this competition completely student run. The students got everything pack, picked drive teams, scouted, fixed the robot, and drove the robot! It gave students on the team opportunities to try something they've always wanted to try before, which we believe is way more important than winning. GUS lost in the semis, but congratulations to teams 195, The Cyberknights, 2067, Apple Pi (their first win!), and 571, Team Paragon! Hope to see you there next year!


Recruiting New Members

September 5, 2011

So as the new year rolls closer and closer, GUS is trying harder and harder to recruit new students and mentors to the team. So a reminder to all current members, BRING YOUR FRIENDS, and to any one interested in joining the team, don't be shy! Everyone on GUS loves meeting new students and adults interested in the team, joining is as easy as showing up! If you're a student interested in the team, we encourage you to bring your friends and parents. For adults interested in joining, bring your kids, nieces, nephews, grandchildren, anyone!! For more up to date news about the team, go, "like" us on Facebook, and/or follow us on Twitter, both are updated regularly!

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Where's Wolcott Invitational

June 11, 2011

On Saturday, June 11th, Gus co-hosted Where’s Wolcott, along with Team 1071, Max. In addition to testing new drive teams for Gus, the team invited students from the Cyber Rams (3104) to operate the robot in the qualification matches and blend with GUS to show them how an, "experienced" team runs . We spent most of the day in the top 10, and ended qualifications in 2nd. Our elimination alliance consisted of us, 2067 and 3525. We made it to the semi-finals, but were knocked out by our good friends 230 and their alliance. Congratulations to teams 558, 716, and 178, who ended up winning the competition.

In addition to competing, we successfully sold food outside of the event. We started by selling breakfast, and continued selling food throughout the day. Our food helped make an amazing competition even better by supporting the hard working teams throughout the day. We would like to congratulate all of the competitors at the 2011 Where Is Wolcott Invitational competition. We had a great time and hope you did as well. Good luck next year!


Battlecry @ WPI 2011

May 21, 2011

Last Friday, GUS attended WPI for the 12th annual BattleCry competition. Things were complicated for our team even before our matches started. One of our C-Rios overheated and we got to see “magic smoke” for the first time in a while. Even though we weren’t able to go out to our first match, our alliance won, and for the rest of our matches that night, we won those as well. After the robot competition ended for the night, more fun started; GUS went to the ice cream social, and later, played Frisbee with a few other teams. Mentors on Gus attended Andy Grady’s annual game show and won.

During the second day of competition, we did just as well as the first day. With many rookie drivers, we ended the qualifications with only a couple losses overall. We ranked 10th after qualifying matches and then were picked by team 190 to join the 6th seeded alliance. We flew through first elimination rounds, boasting a score of 120. Unfortunately, we were eliminated in the quarterfinals. Thank you team 190 and 1721 for being a great alliance regardless of scores. During Saturday, many of our seniors left early to attend their prom and in doing so they passed the flame to the younger members who became the drivers, programmers, and pit crew. Even though most of our members were not there at the end of the day, we had fun meeting new friends, learning how to drive and overall just having fun.

Thanks WPI and all the volunteers who once again made BattleCry an awesome success!


Help Gus Reach the World Championships

March 15, 2011

Now that Gus has been awarded the WPI Regional Chairman's Award, we are eligible to attend the World Championships in St. Louis April 27 - 30. Now we need to raise money to make this a reality.

Please consider donating to the team by using our PayPal account located on this page. Anyone donating $50 or more to the team will receive a four pack of tickets to Robotics Night at New Britain Stadium where the New Britain Rock Cats will be playing the Binghampton Mets on Wednesday, May 25. Come enjoy the game and visit with our team.

Gus Robotics Team, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit educational corporation so your donations are 100% tax deductible.

Update! Thanks to everyone who has donated to our Championship bid so far! The team was able to surpass the immediate goal of $5000 to pay the registration fee to the World Championships. Additional fundraising now goes towards the team's travel expenses. The additional funding is required for shipping of the robot, tools, and team supplies, airfare, and hotels.

Again, thank you for your support and follow the team at the Championships on NASA TV or streaming live on the web at!

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WPI FIRST Regional - Chairman's Award

March 12, 2011

Gus 13 made its debut at the WPI Regional this week. The robot and drive team worked hard and had an impressive 8-3-0 record for the qualification rounds, finishing qualifications in sixth place. The team went on to be the sixth seed alliance captain and joined with team 839 Rosie Robotics, and 2067 Apple Pi. In a hard fought quarter final test, we were eliminated. Thanks to everyone on teams 839 and 2067 for their great efforts.

Friday and Saturday, Gus team members had great days, helping teams, talking to judges, connecting with old friends and making new friends. Fuego had a great time trading pins with his fans. Congratulations to Tina Dutra for being selected, for the second year in a row, as one of two WPI Regional Dean's List Finalists.

Most importantly, Gus is very proud to announce that our team was selected as the 2011 WPI Regional Chairman's Award recipient!

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Follow Our Build Season Progress!

January 22, 2011

Wanna follow our team's progress through the build season? Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, or visit the Progress Page on our website by following the link below.

Furthermore, for $10, tickets will be sold for Gus' Gigantic Gargantuan Raffle, the grand prize being a 4-pack of day-hopper passes for any Disney park (a $500 value) that never expire. The second prize is a $200 gift card to Best Buy, and the third prize winner will get a $100 gift card to Borders. Anyone who donates $10 by using PayPal on our website will automatically receive their ticket number via email. But act fast- there is a 250 ticket cap on the raffle! Raffle winner will be drawn during a live webcast on February 22nd.

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C'mon baby, do the Logomotion!

January 10, 2011

We'd like to thank the friends, family, and other supporters who came out last night to join our team for our annual Kickoff pasta dinner. Though our dinner and small raffles have come and passed, we are still running our Gigantic Gargantuan Raffle. The grand prize being a 4 pack of day-hopper passes good for any Disney theme park (a $500 value), the second prize a $200 gift card to Best Buy, and third prize of a $100 gift card to Borders. The raffle will end on February 22nd, and there is a 250 ticket cap on the sale of tickets, so act fast! And remember, if you donate $10 on the PayPal feature on our website, we will send you your ticket number via email.

This past Saturday, the new FRC game was announced. We were lucky enough to have GUS represented by a few team members, and our own Tina Dutra was featured in a New Hampshire news article. This years game is called Logomotion, and involves inflatable aspects of the FIRST symbol as game pieces (which explains Game Hint #2). Needless to say, GUS is hard at work prototyping and building in order to meet the 6 week deadline. Sleepless nights are here again!

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Gus Robotics Team 228 was founded in 1999 to bring the excitement and inspiration of the FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) to students from Meriden, CT. Since then, our program has grown into a nationally-recognized robotics team for students from five different high schools in Meriden and Wallingford, CT.

Through our involvement in FRC and VRC, we introduce and inspire students to science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). Mentors from a wide variety of fields including teaching, engineering (mechanical, electrical, robotics), computer science, machinists, technicians, business executives and more, teach students relevant real-world experience and applications.

We've also built strong relationships with our local school district, businesses and organizations to help provide our students the best possible experience; these sponsors are crucial to our long-term success.

Recent graduates from our program have won over quarter million dollars in scholarships, and have gone onto a variety of careers in STEM fields.