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Savage Soccer

Savage Soccer @ WPI

Savage Soccer is an annual robotics competition started in 1995 by college students at WPI, founded as an IQP project to help teach and inspire high school students about science and technology outside of the classroom environment. The competition is based around the Vex Robotics Design System kit, although other competition kits are accepted on a case-by-case basis.

Over the years, the competition has expanded beyond its initial scope of the Worcester public school district to have multiple competition events across the country. In addition to the main event, as of 2008 there are three additional events: Savage Soccer North (in Pembroke, NH), Savage Soccer West (in San Ramon, CA), and the latest event Savage Soccer South (hosted by Team 228).

Savage Soccer South

Starting in 2008, Team 228 will be hosting the first annual Savage Soccer South of the Border competition at Maloney High School, in Meriden, CT. The game being played will be the current Savage Soccer game; rules for this game can be found on the official Savage Soccer competition website.

We encourage team sizes of between four and ten students; any less and you will be unable to compete through the entire match (due to Savage Soccer rules). If you have more than ten students, consider splitting them up among multiple teams at our event.

For more information or to register a team, please see the links in the right column.

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Savage Soccer South of the Border
Big Country Hickory Pit Barbeque

Concessions for Savage Soccer South will be provided by the ever-increasingly famous Big Country Hickory Pit BBQ. So be sure to bring your appetite (and your robots)!