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One of the key components of FIRST is the collaboration between teams to share knowledge. Unlike traditional sports, in which one only cares about his or her own team, FIRST stresses gracious professionalism among teams. In order to help other FIRST teams, our students and mentors have written several articles and white papers to assist other teams. In addition to the white papers that were written by our team, we have included links to a few "must-read" white papers that encompass everything from people's experiences in FIRST to digital copies of newspaper articles that have featured our team. Finally, we have also included many older archived FIRST documents here as well.

Note: FIRST has granted our team permission to post official FIRST media here as digital archived materials in our Document Library pages. All official FIRST documents, brochures, and materials are copyright by FIRST. All rights reserved.

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2000 Animation Soundtrack

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Have you seen our 2000 Autodesk Team Animation yet? Did you wonder where the soundtrack came from? Wonder no more! Here's the audio soundtrack from our animation in mp3 format. This music piece was recorded speciafically for Team 228's 2000 Animation.

Author: Team 228
Tags: 2000 animation soundtrack

2000 FRC Game Manual

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In the 2000 game, there were two main objectives: score balls into goals in the center of the playing field and hang from a five-foot bar at the end of the match. Learn more about the game from the 2000 FRC game manual.

Author: FIRST
Tags: 2000 gamemanual

Gus World (Team Newsletter)

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Read one of our first team newsletters sent out to our members from the 2000 season. Entitled Gus World, these series of newsletters were published periodically until the 2001 season. [A lot on our team has changed since then.]

Author: Team 228
Tags: 2000 team gusworld newsletter

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