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Documents tagged with "game"

There are 11 document(s) tagged with "game".

Make Your Own "Gus Ball"

2 file(s), filed under 2009

Here's how you can create a "Gus Ball", an interwoven, spandex-covered ball that it functionally identical to the moon rock and fuel cell balls used... Read more New Window Icon

2007 FRC Game Manual

13 file(s), filed under 2007

In this action-packed game of intense strategy action, teams have two main objectives: to score inner tubes onto the center structure known as the... Read more New Window Icon

2006 FRC Game Manual

12 file(s), filed under 2006

Aim High was a fast-paced game in which teams attempted to score as many seven-inch Poof (nerf) balls as possible into any one of three goals on the... Read more New Window Icon

2005 FRC Game Manual

14 file(s), filed under 2005

Essentially a large Tic-Tac-Toe game, the 2005 game was the beginning of a brand new era for FIRST - the era of 3v3 alliances. This game was quite... Read more New Window Icon

FIRST Game Sounds

7 file(s), filed under 2004

To anyone who's visited a FIRST competition of any kind, these sounds effects - used every year - are used during the matches to signify the... Read more New Window Icon

2004 FRC Game Manual

8 file(s), filed under 2004

In what has been called the quintessential or perfect FIRST game by many in the FIRST community, FIRST Frenzy was an amazing game that was divided up... Read more New Window Icon

2003 FRC Game Manual

6 file(s), filed under 2003

There were two main parts to the game: stacking boxes as high as possible a score multiplier, and a "king-of-the-hill" ramp at the center of the... Read more New Window Icon

2002 FRC Game Manual

6 file(s), filed under 2002

An action packed game of amazing robots and game-plays, Zone Zeal represented another exciting game from FIRST's long history. With a multitude of... Read more New Window Icon

2001 FRC Game Manual

1 file(s), filed under 2001

In the only game since the formation of alliances that did not have two opposing alliances, this 4 vs. 0 format was unique. Instead of competed... Read more New Window Icon

2000 FRC Game Manual

7 file(s), filed under 2000

In the 2000 game, there were two main objectives: score balls into goals in the center of the playing field and hang from a five-foot bar at the end... Read more New Window Icon

1999 FRC Game Manual

4 file(s), filed under 1999

When someone says floppy, do you think of something besides an ancient method of storing computer files? Learn more about the 1999 FIRST competition... Read more New Window Icon

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