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If a picture is worth a thousand words, entire encyclopedias can be filled from our photo galleries. At Team 228, we like to document practically everything we do, and not only to post as pictures on our website. As FIRST continues to grow and expand every year, new students come and graduate, mentors come and retire, and documenting our team's history, events, and robots becomes ever increasingly paramount.

Whether you're looking for technical photos of our various robot transmissions, or social photos of our team members promoting FIRST in the community, our custom student-designed photo galleries make it easy and fun.

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This season has just begun!

...And you're already looking for photo galleries? It seems like just minutes ago we were watching the ball drop in Times Square!

While we are all very excited about the new season, if you check back at least a week after the Kickoff date, you'll most likely see our first photo gallery of the season by then. Until then, we're sure the latest FRC game clue (pre-Kickoff) or the newest FRC game itself (post-Kickoff) will keep you busy! ;-)



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