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Multimedia and Videos

Welcome to our extensive multimedia video galleries, where you can find dozens of videos from our team's history. But not all of these videos are just short clips, such as the millions on YouTube. Many of these videos have been cut and edited into short films between three and ten minutes long. As of late, we have even begun to take our video production to an even higher professional level, now filming everything in 16:9 widescreen. So from comedy to serious, technical to public relations, enjoy these many videos from our team's history!

Note: FIRST has granted our team permission to post official FIRST media here as digital archived materials in our Multimedia and Video pages. All official FIRST videos are copyrighted material by FIRST. All rights reserved.

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Right Here, Right Now

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Take a peek into what a typical weekend during the six-week robot build season at Team 228 is like in this exciting five-minute film. And don't miss our funny team bloopers at the end of the video!

Tags: 2006 buildseason robot gus8 maloney fun

Be FIRST, Not Last

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How do you compress eight years of our team's history into five minutes worth of video? That's easy, just use 4,500 photographs!

Tags: 2006 history robot team

Ramp and Drive Train Testing

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Watch as we test our our 2005 robot to see how well it can climb onto the ramp, which worked surprisingly well.

Tags: 2006 buildseason robot gus7 maloney

Testing our Prototype Ball Spiral

Video Icon

Here we are testing our prototype design for our spiral ball hopper design, which we ended up using on our actual robot.

Tags: 2006 buildseason robot gus8 maloney

Robot Shooter Testing

Video Icon

Watch as we extensively test the accuracy of our shooter the day before we shipped the robot. In many of our extesive trials, we were able to score ten out of ten balls into the center goal.

Tags: 2006 robot gus8 buildseason

The Center Goal

Video Icon

Watch how balls react to to the center goal as people at the Manchester Kickoff Event try their hand at scoring three-point shots.

Tags: 2006 kickoff centergoal playingfield

The Corner (Side) Goal

Video Icon

And you thought scoring in the side goal was easy? Watch this video that proves if you try scoring too fast into the side goal, the balls will not go in.

Tags: 2006 cornergoal ball playingfield kickoff

Vex Goes to the Mall!

Video Icon

Ever wonder what robots would do at the mall? Watch as our adventurous Vex robot rides the escalators, visits the ATM machine, gets a message, goes to RadioShack, and much more!

Tags: 2006 vex robot fun

Vex Holonomic Drive

Video Icon

As one of the first holonomic drive robots built out of the Vex parts, watch this short three-minute film of the holonomic drive robot at Robonautica, an FLL Tournament in Worcester, Mass.

Tags: 2006 vex robot holonomic wpi

Bash at the Beach!

Video Icon

Watch this short film documenting the 2006 Bash at the Beach competition, including a few funny moments such as when we almost tip over! (This was also the first of many films from Team 228 natively in widescreen 19:6 format.)

Tags: 2006 competition offseason robot

2006 FIRST Promotional Film

Video Icon

Learn more about FIRST from this short film released on their 2006 DVD to FIRST teams. (Team 228 has written permission from FIRST allowing our team to host such content as this.)

Tags: 2006 robot film

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