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About Our Team

Chairman's Award - Team Spirit

The year was 1999 and a new fever was beginning to spread out across the nation. That fever, the FIRST Robotics Competition, which had been founded in 1989 by Dean Kamen was growing at a rapid pace. Several students and teachers from high schools in Meriden, Rockey Hill, and Wolcott came together with an idea, to start a FIRST Robotics team within the three schools. 10 years later, and that dream is as strong as ever!

When the students and faculty in the towns of Meriden, Wolcott, and Rocky Hill came together to form Team 228, the union was difficult at first for some. The two Meriden high schools (Platt and Maloney) had been bitter rivals in everything from football to marching band going back nearly fifty years. In a move that epitomizes the very essence of gracious professionalism itself, Team 228 continues to be one of the only things in our community that successfully unites these two rival schools.

Building your future

HAving fun in the competition

Each year, Gus Robotics Team 228 is comprised of roughly 25 students, 10 mentors, and 2 engineers. Through the FIRST Robotics Competition, students involved with our team learn competitive skills that are often not taught in the traditional classroomm environment. These skills, coupled with over $8 Million dollars in scholarships available through FIRST, help enable students to successful careers in the fields of math, science, technology, and engineering.

If you are interested in attending a post-secondary school (such as a college or a university), FIRST is an excelent credential for college applications and resumes. The life skills learned and experienced through involvement with our team are mostly unmatched by any other high school activity, whether it's creative problem solving, collaborative teamwork, student leadership, and much more.

Discover Yourself!

2005 Beantown Blitz Offseason Competition

Although our team name might imply otherwise, Team 228 is about more than just building a robot. Building a robot, though the most obvious, is only facit of our intense involvement in the FIRST Robotics Competition. These other aspects of our diverse team include:

Amy Stolting with the Vex robot

Regardless of your interests, there is something for everyone on Team 228! While parents may love all the college preparation and scholarship aspects of our team, students on our team will quickly learn what exactly makes FIRST "The Hardest Fun Ever!" Whether they are designing parts in a CAD environment to pe produced on high-tech CNC sheet metal machines, wiring up the electrical system on the robot, creating awesome team videos on one of our three iMacs, or thinking of creative ways in which Team 228 can reach out into our community, students on our team always have tons of fun in everything they do!

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Team 228 at a Glance

Location: Meriden, Connecticut, USA
Team Size: 25 Students, 10 Mentors
High Schools: Platt, Maloney, Wilcox Tech High Schools in Meriden; Lyman Hall, Sheehan High Schools in Wallingford
Rookie Year: 1999
Team Mantra: Contagious Enthusiasm!

About our School

On October 10, 2005, Gus Team 228 moved from our previous home at Platt High School to another one of our high schools across town - Maloney High School. Among our many new facilities at Maloney High School: our own private machine room for our milling machine and lathe, greatly expanded storage space, and overall better facilities.

Adult Mentors on Team 228