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Team Info:

Team Name: Gus Robotics Team 228
Team Size: 40 Students, 8 Mentors
Schools: Platt High School, Maloney High School, Wilcox Tech High School, Wolcott High School
Competitions: UTC New England Regional (FRC), National Championships (FRC), BattleCry3 @ WPI (FRC)
Awards: UTC DaimlerChrysler Team Spirit Award

Behind the 'Bots

Behind every robot is a story. A story of late nights, endless programming, and a rush to get everything done in only six weeks. Learn more about the design, fabrication, and achievements of each of our robots from our rookie year's bot to our latest robot, Gus 9.

The Robot


The last year that the Championships would be held at EPCOT Center was also the last time that Gus Robotics Team 228 would attend the Championships until 2005. In 2002, Team 228 remained a very strong team with close to fifty students participating. This was also the first year that we tried to create new FIRST teams in our area. Wilcox Tech separated from our team in an attempt to start their own team. (This team, which was given the team number of 989, was never able to find enough faculty support on its own to continue the program, so they we reabsorbed by Team 228 in 2003).

Also in the year 2002, we helped mentor another local team - Team 905 (Platt Tech Panthers) from Milford, CT. That year, team 905 won the Rookie All-Star Award at the Virginia NASA/VCU Regional. 2002 was the last year that our founding mentor, Mr. John O'Keefe, would be on our team as he was retiring the next year. From 2003 on to the present, our team coach would be Gordon Morrison, a physics teacher at Maloney High School.

This was also the first year of having Meriden FIRST Lego League teams. After the team hosted an open house in the spring of 2001 about FIRST, a group of neighborhood kids and their parents would eventually get together to create LARRI 3000, one of the first FLL Teams in Meriden in 2002.

Games Competed In

Zone Zeal (FRC)
An action packed game of amazing robots and game-plays, Zone Zeal represented another excitng game from FIRST's long history. This game was comprised of several objectives: the first was scoring soccer balls into three large (200 lb) mobile goals. The second was pulling these mobile goals into one of the five "zones" on the playing field for additional points. And the third was the bonus points to be had be having robots in the "home zone" at the end of the match. This game saw many innovative features and robots, and is a favorite of many.