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Team Info:

Team Name: Gus Robotics Team 228
Team Size: 15 Students, 8 Mentors
Schools: Platt High School, Maloney High School, Wilcox Tech High School
Competitions: Winter War Zone Scrimmage (FRC), UTC New England Regional (FRC), Beantown Blitz (FRC), BattleCry6 @ WPI (FRC), Bash at the Beach (FRC)
Awards: UTC Best Website Award, BattleCry Purple Heart Award, Bash at the Beach "It's All Business" Award

Behind the 'Bots

Behind every robot is a story. A story of late nights, endless programming, and a rush to get everything done in only six weeks. Learn more about the design, fabrication, and achievements of each of our robots from our rookie year's bot to our latest robot, Gus 9.

The Robot


It is not often that a robot as simple and rock-solid as Gus 7 is built. Dominating on the playing field, Gus 7 was the latest of our team's upswing that started in 2003 when Ben "Bengineer" Piecuch, a mechanical engineer from a local fuel cell development company, came to our mentor our team. With his experience, our robots have been consistently been getting better and better, and our 2005 robot was no exception. Able to score up to six tetras per match, our team ranked higher than over 85% of all other teams across the world.

In 2005, our team attended five competitions in addition to the pre-ship UTC Scrimmage. At these five competitions, our team ranked 5th, 14th, 9th, 4th, and 3rd, and four out of the five times Team 228 was either the alliance caption or was chosen in the first round of picks. (Due to an unfortunate communication error, we were not picked for an alliance at the Championships, even through we would have been the other team's first selection.).

In 2005, our new and current team website first came into being. After hundreds of hours of hard work, Arthur Dutra (a sophomore at the time) designed and created this entire website within the build season. This was the first team in our team's history that we had an extensive website full of content. (We had many smaller versions prior to that that lacked content.) For all the content on our website, our team won the UTC Best Website Award. Since then, this website has undergone two major designs, including the most recent converting our website from static HTML to dynamic PHP-driven.

Games Competed In

Triple Play (FRC)
Essentially a large Tic-Tac-Toe game, the 2005 game was the beginning of a brand new era for FIRST - the era of 3v3 alliances. For the first time ever, every subsequent game would have at least six teams on the playing field in every match, more than ever before in the history of FIRST. This game was quite simple in concept: take tetrahedral-shaped playing field objects, known as tetras, and place them atop nine large tetrahedral shaped goals. By having the highest tetra on top of a goal, teams would be able to "own" that goal. Any three "owned" goals in a row would result in a 10-point bonus for that team.