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Team Info:

Team Name: Gus Robotics Team 228
Team Size: 25 Students, 18 Mentors and Alumni
Schools: Platt High School, Maloney High School, Wilcox Tech High School
Competitions: Winter War Zone Scrimmage (FRC), UTC Connecticut Regional (FRC), ), Bash at the Beach (FRC), BattleCry8 @ WPI (FRC), Beantown Blitz (FRC)
Awards: UTC Johnson & Johnson Sportsmanship Award, Bash at the Beach "All Business" Award, Suffield Shakedown "Latest Arrival" Award

Behind the 'Bots

Behind every robot is a story. A story of late nights, endless programming, and a rush to get everything done in only six weeks. Learn more about the design, fabrication, and achievements of each of our robots from our rookie year's bot to our latest robot, Gus 9.

The Robot


In 2007, our FIRST Robotics team attended and competed in five competitions: The Suffield Shakedown, UTC New England Regional, Beantown Blitz, BattleCry8 @ WPI, and Bash at the Beach. At three out of the five competitions we won awards: "Latest Arrival" at Suffield Shakedown and "All Business" at Bash at the Beach. We also won the "Johnson & Johnson Sportsmanship" Award for helping out another team when a snow storm was coming and the team had to leave. We split up half of our team to drive their robot, so they can stay in the competition.

Even though we had several sponsors, we were still having trouble coming up with money to go to competitions and off-season events. We needed more money to go to events, because in the past we would only go to one regional, the championships and one off-season competition. Now that our team was becoming more successful we wanted to compete at more events. Since we couldn't get more money from our sponsors we started to do different fundraising from what we were used to doing, like selling candy. We started with a kick-off pasta dinner to invite fellow Connecticut team and people in our community to learn more about this year's game Rack n Roll. After our robot was built and shipped, we had a pancake breakfast to celebrate the end of the build season/ship date. Later in the season, at a local community event we signed up to make and hand out food. One of our team members had a trailer smoker, so we decided to pulled pork sandwiches for the fair. While at the event, we displayed our robot and had our students explaining what our robot was designed to do and what FIRST was all about. With all of the fundraising that was done in the season, we were able to go to more off-season events.

Games Competed In

Rack N' Roll (FRC)
Rack n Roll was a game in which teams attempted to score as many tubes (pool inner tubes) on a center structure called the Rack. It contained 24 spider legs and you had to score as many points as you could in 2 minutes and 15 seconds. Teams earn points by scoring ringers in rows and columns on the rack. The point values are different from the past years: a single is 2 points, row of 2 scored spider legs is 4 points, row of 3 scored spider legs is 8 points, row of 4 scored spider legs is 16 points, row of 5 scored spider legs is 32 points, row of 6 scored spider legs is 64 points, row of 7 scored spider legs is 128 points, and a row of 8 scored spider legs is 256 points. Robots may defend spider legs by pushing and/or blocking other robots as they attempt to hang ringers. If a robot is in possession of a ringer, a robot on the opposing alliance may not grasp/attach to the ringer in order to remove it from their possession or prevent them from hanging. A violation will result in a 10-point penalty being assessed to the offending robot. Robots score bonus points at the end of the match if they are entirely in their home zone, not in contact with any element of the field (carpet, alliance station, goal, etc.), not supported by a ringer, and the lowest point of the robot is higher than 4 inches and/or 12 inches above the carpeted field surface. The number of bonus points an alliance receives is based on the total number of robots satisfying these conditions. Elevating off the ground per robot between 4" and 11.9" is 15 points and 12" or higher is 30 points.