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Team Info:

Team Name: Gus Robotics Team 228
Team Size: 13 Students, 18 Mentors and Alumni
Schools: Platt High School, Maloney High School, Wilcox Tech High School, Lyman Hall High School
Competitions: Connecticut Regional (FRC), Suffield Shakedown (FRC), Savage Soccer South of the Border, Savage Soccer @ WPI, Bear Brawl, Where's Wolcott (FRC), Beantown Blitz (FRC), BattleCry9 @ WPI (FRC), FIRST Championship(FRC), Bash at the Beach (FRC)
Awards: Savage Soccer South of the Border "Fuego" Award, Beantown Blitz "Knock Your Socks Off" Award, Where's Wolcott "Best Pit Appearance"

Behind the 'Bots

Behind every robot is a story. A story of late nights, endless programming, and a rush to get everything done in only six weeks. Learn more about the design, fabrication, and achievements of each of our robots from our rookie year's bot to our latest robot, Gus 9.

The Robot


In 2008, our FIRST Robotics team attended and competed in 10 competitions: Suffield Shakedown, Connecticut Regional, FRC Championships, Beantown Blitz, BattleCry9 @ WPI, Where's Wolcott, Bash at the Beach, Savage Soccer South of the Border, Savage Soccer @ WPI, and Bear Brawl. We won three awards at these competitions: "Fuego" at Savage Soccer South of the Border; "Knock Your Socks Off" at Beantown Blitz; and "Best Pit Appearance" at Where's Wolcott?.

We continued to do more fundraising within the season. This year we added more fundraising events with a can and bottle drive and going to local fairs: Woodstock Fair and Four Town Fair. With the money we raised we were able to do more off-season events, start more Vex teams and do team activities. We did a team award ceremony, Bowlapalooza and Putt-Putt Tournament of Champions.

Games Competed In

Overdrive (FRC)
Overdrive is a fast-paced game by attaining a higher score than your opponent by making counter-clockwise laps around the track, while moving large trackballs over and under the overpass that bisects the track. During the hybrid period, which is the first 15 seconds of the match, a robot can earn 4 points each time it crosses either lane marker or its finish line. And can earn 8 points for successfully removing the trackball from the overpass. During the teleoperated period, the last 2 minutes of the match, a robot can score 2 points each time it crosses its finish line. A robot can also score points by pushing a trackball across the finish line without touching the trackball for 2 points, and hurdle a trackball over the overpass/finish line for 8 points (2 points for crossing the finish line and a 6 point bonus, yielding 8 points total). When the match ends, you can earn a 12-point bonus with each trackball that is partially supported by the overpass and not in contact with any robot of the alliance.