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The Robot

Each year as part of the FIRST Robotics Competition, Team 228 must build an entirely new robot from scratch. Six long weeks of designing, machining, fabricating, wiring, and programming go into the creation of our team's robots. When the robot is shipped at the end of each build season, we are hardly done. We always seek to improve our robots, to add new features, to make our drive trains faster, our arms more powerful, and our programming more extensive during the official Fix-It windows or after the competitions during the post-season.

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Learn more about Gus Four

Team 228: Gus Four

Please pardon our lack of content: we are still compiling our archives!

Our 2002 robot was Gus 4, which was "slow but steady". On both ends of the robot, there was an insanely over-engineered goal grabber, used for controlling both mobile goals.

Quick Stats

Drive Train

Transmissions: 2x Single-Speed Transmission
Speed: 5 ft/sec
Motors: 2x CIM motor
Setup: 4WD, 4x 8" Skyway wheels


Primary: Lock onto two of the three mobile goals
Secondary: Get back to the home zone
Capacity: Can control two mobile goals at once


Strategy: Block teams from getting to home zone

Drive Team

Coach: Bill Smitt (mentor)
Driver: Ryan Morin (freshman)

Robot Photos

Here are several photos of our 2002 robot, Gus Four, chosen randomly from our Photo Galleries. To view more photos of this robot, please visit the "gus4" photo gallery tag page.

Gus with the Red rotating emergency light
Gus 4 Electrical System
Where's everyone go?
Speed holes
John O'Keefe with the Robot Crate
competitive Robotics
Gus 4
Gus 228 controls two mobile goals
Gus the Robot
John and Jaime working on the 'bot
Robotics Team 228 Drive Team
Ryan Morin working on the 2002 robot

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There were 1 robot(s) built for the 2002 competition season.

About the Kit Of Parts

Every year immediately following the FRC Kickoff Event, every FRC team receives a standard Kit Of Parts. Contained in two totes, this single Kit contains enough motors, wheels, pneumatics, and electronics to build a basic robot. From this, teams can add additional components or raw materials, such as gears, roller chain, timing belts, aluminum, or polycarbonate (to name a few common additions) as governed by the game manual to build their final robot.

FIRST Robotics Competition Kit of Parts

About Gus

Gus Robotics Team 228 was founded in 1999 to bring the excitement and inspiration of the FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) to students from Meriden, CT. Since then, our program has grown into a nationally-recognized robotics team for students from five different high schools in Meriden and Wallingford, CT.

Through our involvement in FRC and VRC, we introduce and inspire students to science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). Mentors from a wide variety of fields including teaching, engineering (mechanical, electrical, robotics), computer science, machinists, technicians, business executives and more, teach students relevant real-world experience and applications.

We've also built strong relationships with our local school district, businesses and organizations to help provide our students the best possible experience; these sponsors are crucial to our long-term success.

Recent graduates from our program have won over quarter million dollars in scholarships, and have gone onto a variety of careers in STEM fields.