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The Robot

Each year as part of the FIRST Robotics Competition, Team 228 must build an entirely new robot from scratch. Six long weeks of designing, machining, fabricating, wiring, and programming go into the creation of our team's robots. When the robot is shipped at the end of each build season, we are hardly done. We always seek to improve our robots, to add new features, to make our drive trains faster, our arms more powerful, and our programming more extensive during the official Fix-It windows or after the competitions during the post-season.

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Learn more about Gus Ten

Team 228: Gus Ten

We are currently still building both of our robots (the competition robot and the practice robot) for this build season. We will update this information with more specific information after our first official competition.

Quick Stats

Drive Train

Transmissions: 2x AndyMark Toughbox
Speed: 9 ft/sec
Motors: 4x CIM
Setup: 6WD, 6x 5"x2" Colson Wheels, Live Axle


Primary: Hurdling, knocking balls off overpass
Secondary: Driving around the course
Rate: Fastest lap time: 12 sec, Hurdle 1-2 times per match
Loading: Can pickup trackball from floor, or catch in air from other another robot's hurdle
Capacity: Can hold one ball at a time
Autonomous: Drive out, knock ball off overpass, drive over two lines


Strategy: Keep balls away from opponents

Drive Team

Coach: TBD
Driver: TBD
Operator: TBD
Human Player: TBD

Robot Photos

Here are several photos of our 2008 robot, Gus Ten, chosen randomly from our Photo Galleries. To view more photos of this robot, please visit the "gus10" photo gallery tag page.

Gearing Up
Adding uprights
Getting the pits ready
Wrist Joint
Driving Practice
Robots in Play
Robocoach Position
Leading a helping hand
Here we go again!
Strategy Talk
Go Gus!

Browse through more of the 185 photos of Gus Ten.

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There were 1 robot(s) built for the 2008 competition season.

About the Kit Of Parts

Every year immediately following the FRC Kickoff Event, every FRC team receives a standard Kit Of Parts. Contained in two totes, this single Kit contains enough motors, wheels, pneumatics, and electronics to build a basic robot. From this, teams can add additional components or raw materials, such as gears, roller chain, timing belts, aluminum, or polycarbonate (to name a few common additions) as governed by the game manual to build their final robot.

FIRST Robotics Competition Kit of Parts


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