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Going Beyond the Classroom

Often times in the classroom it is not possible to accomplish many of the rewarding tasks which we cover on the robotics team. Imagine being a computer programming teacher and actually being able to teach advanced closed-loop feedback systems on embedded micro controllers. Or a physics teacher being able to teach students about about power, work, and mechanical advantage, and actually have them use this in a real world application.

Contagious Enthusiasm

There are always some things that cannot be taught from a text book in a traditional classroom. For a business class, instead of "mock" businesses, what if you taught your students to raise real money from sponsors, budget out all team expenses for the year, and actually manage the team? As the teacher and adult mentor/Advisor, you would be able to work directly with these students in the process, as they learn through real world experience.

For on the robotics team, you'll never hear the words "When are we ever going to use this in life?"; but instead "Hey, I really can use this in real life!".

While the inspiration you can arise in our students is amazing, you'll also appreciate our teacher's stipend available to teachers who volunteer with our team. Either way, becoming involved with our team is an amazing and unforgettable experience, and one which can truly make you say "I really have made an impact on a student's life today!" Become part of the inspiration, and Get Involved today!

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