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Famous "FIRSTers"

Dr. Woodie Flowers
As the FIRST National Advisor, and former emcee at many competitions, Dr. Woodie "GP" Flowers would make everyone's grandmother proud. As the champion of "gracious professionalism", Woodie in his tuxedo and Converse sneakers, is sure to inspire all who come into FIRST.

Dave Lavery
At this day job as a program executive for NASA's Planetary Exploration division managing his "other cars" on Mars (the Mars rovers), Dave Lavery certainly doesn't fit the traditional "white-shirt, pocket protecting NASA guy" stereotype. Rather, his Hawaiian shirt weraring, Krispy Kreme donut-loving sets him apart from the rest. As a member of the FRC Game Design committee, he helps with the design of each annual game.

Andy Baker
A self-proclaimed pig farmer and long-time Delphi engineer, this Hoosier-state native has been a long time mentor to Team 45, the TechnoKats. In late 2004, along with the help of Mark Koors, they founded AndyMark Inc., a company dedicated to developing products to help competitive robotics teams. Partly due to this very successful enterprise, Andy Baker is said to the be Chuck Norris of FIRST.

John V-Neun
After he first became involved in FIRST in his junior year of high school, John V-Neun (often abbreviated JVN) has become one of the most famous engineers in FIRST. Formerly of Team 229 (Division By Zero, New York) and now employed by Innovation FIRST, Inc. the fame of this engineer is enough to make everyone exclaim "I am JVN!".

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