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The Mission of Team 228

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A stereotypical misconception among many people is that Gus Robotics Team 228 is just a geeky robotics club. We are not just nerds and geeks, but rather a diverse group of average students interested in technology who just want to have fun. Our team is gifted by having the mentorship of mechanical and electrical engineers, as well as machinists and parent mentors work with the students to provide for a safe and productive learning environment to learn about robotics, physics, computers, web-publishing, computer programming, 3D animation, and general technical know how.

Gus Robotics is always looking for new members. There are no prerequisites to join; you may join regardless of gender (we actively encourage girls to join), age, or GPA. (Girls need not be afraid that Team 228 is "just a guy thing"; for most of our team history we have had almost 50% girls on our team and we encourage everyone to join.) In addition to designing, fabricating, and programming components for the robot, we also make a 30-second 3D animation movie as part of FRC every year. But you may be thinking - I never picked up a wrench before or I am computer illiterate and that I don't belong at a robotics team. But that is where you are wrong. Team 228 is more than just a robotics team.

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Team 228 is about FIRST, becoming inspired, and forever impacting your life for the better. Not everyone on Team 228 builds robots or designs websites or creates computer animations. There is a large part of our team that is called the pep club, which is basically a mini-cheerleading and team spirit club within our team. And the competitions are not just boring days, on the contrary, they are very exciting, adrenaline pumping challenges. People who have never seen FRC before are amazed that robotics is actually 'cool' and exciting. The competitions have been described as "when the excitement of Battle Bots meets the heart pumping adrenaline of traditional sports such as basketball or football, you have FIRST".

The most important part of FIRST or Gus Robotics Team 228 is not what you do on our team, but rather just becoming involved with FIRST. You will never regret it.

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