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Scholarships, scholarships, and even more scholarships!

For parents, nothing comes close to the importance of doing the best possible thing for their children, whether it's at home, with friends, or at school. As the parent of an incoming freshman or of a seasoned returning high schooler, you should encourage your son or daughter to join a multitude of clubs and/or sports teams. But did you know that Gus Robotics Team 228 is one of the best extracurricular activities to join?

What better way to help your child find the road to success than a large college scholarship? As of 2007, there are over eight million dollars worth of scholarships available to students in the FIRST Robotics Competition, including literally dozens of full-ride scholarships. While full-ride sports scholarships are far and few between, the chances of winning a full-ride FIRST scholarship are much, much higher!

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