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FIRST Robotics Competition Championship Event

Throughout your high school years, questions about one's future are always bound to come up. Would I want to go to college? Or maybe start working right away? Or how about the military? No matter which career path you do choose in life, involvement with Gus Robotics Team 228 will supercharge your resume.

While a part of our team, you will learn many competitive skills needed to put you ahead of the rest after high school. And the best part? Team 228 isn't just some "geeky robotics club", unless you want to discount the fact that we are comprised of all students from athletes to class scholars. In fact, one of the favorite parts of our team from a student's perspective is our diverse team, and the lasting friendships that our team members make. It's not uncommon for members of our team, even those who have already graduated and moved out of state, to regularly stay in contact with each other.

The best part of these friendships is that one does not just make friends with our team members, but with other students from around the world. At any competition, it is not unusual for our team to make many new friends and lasting relationships from teams from across the country and even world. So it comes as no surprise that our team has a high reputation for being friendly, "Contagiously Enthusiastic!", and an all around great team.

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Gus Robotics Team 228

Our team highly recommends that anyone who is interested in science, technology, computers, business, or arts careers after high school should strongly consider joining our team. From engineering, programming, and mechanical design to video production, computer animation, and photography, our team encompasses it all. You can be assured that joining our team will be one of, if not the most, fun and rewarding aspects of your high school career.

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Please visit our Join Gus page for more information on joining our team.

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Team 228 at a Glance

Location: Meriden, Connecticut, USA
Team Size: 25 Students, 10 Mentors
High Schools: Platt, Maloney, Wilcox Tech High Schools in Meriden; Lyman Hall, Sheehan High Schools in Wallingford
Rookie Year: 1999
Team Mantra: Contagious Enthusiasm!